Wet Type Paint Booth


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 Wet Paint Booth:


Cleantek design and manufcaturing waiter based wet paint booth unit, called wet scrubber unit.


Working principle:


The paint mist is washed out further in the lower section of the washout tower using a vortex washing system with downstream baffle plate separator unit.

The entire quantity of water is fed to the automatic paint sludge filtration system via the delivery pump. 

A coagulant is added to the water by an automatic dosing unit, as a result of which the paint sludge in the circulating water is disbonded and can be 

separated more easily. The cleaning of the circulating water takes place in the separately arranged paint sludge filtration system. 



Easy to Maintain

Minimum disposal and maintenance costs due to small quantity of water

Water distribution channels with optimal cleaning possibilities

Pipework made of acid and alkali-resistant plastic

Stainless steel circulating pumps

Optimum paint mist capture due to workpiece-dependent arrangement of the paint mist suction slots


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