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Ring Blower:

CLEANTEK manufacturing   Ring Blower / Regenerative Blower / Turbine Blower / Vortex Blower / Ring blower / Side Channel Blower, which is developed in compliance with the industry set guidelines. These equipment are widely applied in numerous industries for various applications. We ensure their high durability and reliability to our clients and provide them in different specifications. We are the one of the experts in making a wide range of Regenerative Blower that gives maximum pressure and volume as per the clients demand.

Working principle:

In high pressure Ring Blowers air enters by means of inlet port and accelerated with the help of an diecasting impeller. By means of a centrifugal force this air is thrown next to the walls of the casing where it is reflected back to the base of the aluminium Impeller blades and the procedure keeps repeating many times. Our ring blower range is durable, compact in size and is known for their noiseless operation.



Our Ring Blowers are used in following OEM applications:

  • Air Knife systems
  • Vacuum Holding
  • Dental Suction unit
  • Pneumatic Conveying system
  • Dust Collectors
  • Blow Off or Drying applications
  • Chemical & Plating Tank Agitation
  • Combustion Air Supply
  • Fish Pond Aeration,Fish Farming
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Bio Gas Supply
  • Meathe Gas Supply
  • Gas pressure boosting applcation for long piping 
  • Vacuum Lifting & Hold Down
  • Portable Air Tables
  • ETP & STP air agitation 
  • Medical Gloves Checking
  • Vacuum Loaders
  • Electroplating Air Agitation
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Paper Tim Removal
  • Plastics Dryers
  • Printing Machine Vacuum usage
  • Online Printing Dust Extraction From Paper



  • Sewage and Waste water disposal plant - Aeration Tank, cleaning tank
  • Synthetic resin - Cubical transfer of the powder, hopper loader and frame seal
  • Culturing of marine products, fish-farm, live-fish transport vehicle and aquarium.
  • Milking machine for the stock raising use, fermentation device and transfer of feed.
  • Woodworking Machine, router machine, sand machine and absorption backing machine
  • Metal manufacturing machine, gilding tank, spray, transfer of material
  • Food manufacturing machine, automatic lining machine, stirring machine and charger 

ring blower


Our Ring Blower Features:

  • External Bearing increase life
  • Direct drive Induction Motor
  • Powerful Vacuum & Delivery Pressure
  • Low maintenance
  • Motor protected by maintenance free shaft seal
  • High efficiency diecast impeller fans
  • Industrial quality
  • IP55 Protection Motor
  • Fully Copper Winding
  • Compact in size
  • Available in 230 V / 50 Hz and 415 V / 50 Hz also in 60 Hz



** custom made airflow and pressure blowers available

 Pressure Conversion chart:-



Inches of H2O


Inches of Hg


mm of H2O


mm of Hg







Optional Models:

  • Kirloskar ,Crompton Greaves, Siemens Branded motor fitted Blowers available
  • Belt Drive Blower
  • Also we manufacture roots blower for aquaculture applications.
  • Root Blower for Aquaculture
  • Aquaculture aeration systems
  • High Pressure Centrifugal Turbine Blowers Manufacturer from Coimbatore

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