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Oil Sump Cleaner:


 An oil sump cleaner, also known as a sump vacuum cleaner, is a specialized industrial vacuum designed for the extraction and cleaning of oil, coolant, or other liquids from machine tool sumps, reservoirs, or industrial equipment. These cleaners, like the ones produced by cleantek, are specifically engineered to handle the challenges associated with collecting and filtering various liquids in industrial settings.


Cleantek sump vacuum cleaner features and benefits:


Suction Power: cleantek's cleaners often boast robust suction power to efficiently extract fluids, sludge, or debris from sumps or reservoirs.


Versatility: Our machines designed to handle a range of liquids, from oils and coolants to emulsions and water-based solutions commonly found in machining processes.


Filtration Systems: Our cleaners typically incorporate specialized filtration systems to separate collected liquids from solids and contaminants, ensuring efficient cleaning and reuse of fluids where applicable.


Tank Capacity and Durability: Cleantek vacuums come in various tank sizes to suit different industrial needs. The tanks are often constructed from durable materials to withstand the demands of industrial environments.


Mobility and Maneuverability: cleantek's sump vacuum cleaners may feature designs that enhance mobility, such as wheels or handles, allowing for easy transportation and maneuvering within a workshop or industrial setting.


Safety and Compliance: Cleantek sump cleaner designed with safety features to handle potentially hazardous liquids and may adhere to industry safety standards.


Ease of Maintenance: cleantek likely emphasizes user-friendly designs that make these cleaners easy to clean and maintain, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


cleantek, as a company, is known for producing industrial cleaning solutions with a focus on efficiency, durability, and environmental sustainability. Our sump vacuum cleaners are tailored to meet the specific demands of extracting and managing fluids in industrial settings, aiding in the efficient maintenance of machinery, prolonging the life of cutting fluids, and ensuring a cleaner, safer working environment.


Oil Sump cleaner manufacturers:-

              Manual cleaning of oil sump cleaning is very difficult in CNC machining industry. Cleantek developed sump cleaner is a specialized suction tool for cleaning the CNC coolant sumps of CNC machine tools.The oil sump contents usually consist of coolant and metal debris & solid particles. The solids consist of metal chips, debris and swarf. In just a few minutes, a sump cleaner will suck everything in the sump - fluid as well as solids. Cleantek special type filter separates the solids from the fluid. Filtered coolant is returned to the machine tool sump for reuse.

CLEANTEK Oil Sump Cleaning Machines which sucks the metal chips, dust debris and coolant  / cutting oil  to the top of the tank. Then coolant is filtered by the special filters inside the collection tank / cutting oil tank system. This model available in portable or stationary versions. 

CLEANTEK SUMP CLEANER designed to remove process oils, gummy deposits of oil,grease, swarf and normal shop soils from machine tools, floors and seperate the particulates, and recycle the filtered coolant for re use or disposal. Specially designed high vacuum unit develop the 3000 mm of WG vacuum inside the tank, so that gum grease, debris, coolant sucked into the collection tank threw a suction hose and coolant filter unit. Coolant filter separate the debris, greases and other unwanted contaminate from the coolant. Coolant pumping motor returns the pure coolant to the sump. Sump cleaner keeps the machines clean and free of bacteria and fungus.

Our highly functional array of Coolant Oil Sump Cleaner find its usage for various applications in automobile, engineering and rubber industries. These are engineered and designed by our team of professionals keeping in the mind the requirements of our clients. We provide them in several dimensions and sizes to meet the demands of our customers. Our products are available at competitive market prices and can be customized in various sizes & dimensions as per the specific demands of clients.


Sailent Features:-


► Tank capacity up to 200 to 1000 litres collection capacity

►  High Suction rate up to 3000 to 5000 mm of Wg

►  Available in 415 V/50 Hz and international voltage

►  Complete with antistatic suction hose and cleaning tools

►  Filtered coolant return to oil sump with separate coolant pump. 

►  Easy to move with trolley type

►  Useful for suction the spilling oil or cutting oil in shop floor


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Sump cleaner Technical specifications:



► Cutting oil / coolant recylcing for any engineering industries

► Mobile suction unit for filtering the cutting oil , sludges, metal swarfs etc...

► Spilling oil cleaning 




► Save Labour cost

► Increse the life of the coolant / cutting oil 

► Extended oil change period

► Improve empolyee morale 

► Reduced downtime of machine

► Improve healthier environment in shop floors

►  Cut your cost of dirty coolant disposal by 50% to 90% 

►  Better control of coolant concentration ratio

►  Improve machine tool cleanliness

►  Reduce misting Eliminate environmental risks 

►  Improve cutting tool life and product quality

►  Minimize coolant pump maintenance activities

►  Safety for worker health



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