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 Pneumatic Vacuum Loader / Hopper Loader

CLEANTEK Vacuum hopper loaders are used to transfer the fine granules, bulk plastic materials, resin conveying, non sticky powders from one place to another by vacuum force. CLEANTEK manufacturing single hopper loader and centralized multiple loader system for transfer of the materials from source.

Vacuum Loader

Cleantek manufacturing vacuum conveying unit called Vacuum Loader, and it is used to convey the powder and granule material to the hopper unit. 304 & 316 stainless steel versions are available for pharma and medical  industries. Filter cleaning by automatic filter wash systems ensures the continuous suction and discharge. Vacuum loader supplied completely with discharge valve, digital timer control panel, stainless steel pick up nozzle, suction hose etc.. CLEANTEK offers conveying capacity up-to 2ooo kg per hour. Custom made versions hopper loaders available as per customer requirements like stainless steel, powder coated version etc,…. Our high vacuum pumps generate high vacuum  and no need of any regular maintenance. Easy to operate the system.


Hopper loader filters are controlled with automatic filter cleaning unit to maintain the constant vacuum and airflow inside the hopper unit. Rotary airlock valve or air operated valves are useful to deliver the material to processing system. Stainless steel construction increase the life of the system. Our hopper loaders are  used in food industry to convey the material from raw material store to processing hopper without any manual help. Food grade hoses and pipes are used for conveying process. Our hopper loader are used to transfer Chilly powder, pepper etc..

Technical Specifications:


Motor Type

Motor Power ( W)

Hopper capacity ( L)

Conveying capacity


 ( Kg/Hr)



Carbon Brush

1000 W – Single Phase





Induction motor

750 W – 3 Phase





1500 w – 3 Phase




HL2200 –IM

2200 w – 3 Phase




HL3700 –IM

3700 w – 3 Phase





CLEANTEK manufacturing custom made vacuum conveying system for powder ,agriculture, packaging industry sector.

Salient Features:-

► 304 stainless steel version / Mild steel

► Automatic filter cleaning systems

► Continuous discharge unit

► Portable / Stationary unit

► Easy to operate

► Custom made models

► Conveying from 100 kg to 2000 kg capacity 


► Granules conveying

► Powder conveying

► Food products conveying

► Small chips conveying

► Pepper products conveying

► Chilli powder transfering

► Masala Powder transfering

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