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CLEANTEK design and manufacturing and exporting wide range of SAW Flux Recovery Unit for  submerged arc welding systems.. Our high quality products are available at industry leading price range to meet the financial constraints of our customers.


Cleantek manufacturing Submerged Arc Welding Flux Recovery system, Air operated venturi type Flux Recovery Unit for welding automation applications. Automatic pick up and delivering the flux by high vacuum are some of the specialized features of our SAW Welding Flux Recovery Units that are available with 1 kw  to 7.5 KW power capacities. Custom made models available as per the client specific requirements. Light weight and compact models available on request. CLEANTEK design custom made flux recovery systems as per customer requirements.


  • Continuous Duty Vacuum unit
  • Maintenance free saw flux recovery vacuum unit
  • Additional heater unit
  • Magnetic separator 

Sailent Features

  • Single or multi suction points
  • Magnetic Filter
  • Save costlier flux recovery
  • High vacuum performance
  • Internal slag Tray
  • 3 Stage Filtartion
  • Electric or air operated models available
  • Compact models available
  • Optional Heater unit
  • Optional automatic filter cleaning system


  • SAW welding machine
  • Beam Welding machine
  • Colum and Boom Flux Recovery Systems

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