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Cleantek Team Design and Manufacturing Flame Proof and Explosion Proof Side Channel Blower in Various airflow and Pressure Capacity. Our blower motors are Certoified with "Ex d" .


If explosion occur within the enclosure, it will either be contained or the escaping flame will be cooled by a “flame-path” thus mitigating the risk of igniting an explosive outside atmosphere. A hazardous area can be defined as any location where there is risk of an explosion. But every hazardous area is different and each has specific requirements depending on the nature of the atmosphere and the elements that are present.

Fundamentally, for an explosion to take place, flammable or explosive gases, vapours, mists or dusts will be present. For gases, vapours and mists the zone classifications are recognised as Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas.


Zone 0

Zone 0 is an area in which an explosive atmosphere is present continuously for long periods of time or will frequently occur.

Zone 1

Zone 1 is an area in which an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur occasionally in normal operation. It may exist because of repair, maintenance operations, or leakage.

Zone 2

Zone 2 is a place in which an explosive atmosphere is not likely to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur, will persist for a short period only. These areas only become hazardous in case of an accident or some unusual operating condition.


Combustible dust continuouslypresent as a cloud during normal operation or where excessively thick layers can form.

ZONE 21:

Atmosphere likely to contain ignitable concentrations offlammable dust in suspension under normal operating conditions.

ZONE 22:

Combustible dust cloud may occur infrequently and persist for short


We will suplly blowers as per your Zones and Industry Norms.


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