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Dust Collector:

Cleantek Dust Collectors are cutting-edge, high-performance systems designed to efficiently capture and remove dust particles and airborne contaminants from industrial processes. These collectors are vital in maintaining clean air quality within manufacturing facilities, protecting worker health, and preventing environmental pollution.

Features and working of Dust Collector:

Cyclonic Technology: Cleantek Dust Collectors utilize cyclonic separation technology, employing centrifugal force to separate dust particles from the air stream. This process involves creating a vortex that forces heavier particles to move towards the collector's walls, allowing clean air to exit while capturing the dust.


Customizable Designs: These collectors come in various configurations and sizes, offering customization to suit different industries, applications, and air volume requirements. Cleantek Dust Collectors are engineered for high efficiency in capturing dust particles, achieving high collection rates even with fine or difficult-to-capture particles.


Low Energy Consumption: They are designed to optimize energy usage, offering efficient dust separation with relatively low power consumption compared to some other dust collection systems. Some cleantek models feature easy-to-access doors or panels for convenient maintenance, allowing for quick cleaning or replacement of components.


Dust Collector Usage:



Industrial Applications: cleantek Dust Collectors used in various industries, including woodworking, metalworking, pharmaceuticals, food processing, mining, and more, where dust and airborne contaminants are generated during manufacturing processes.


Dust Control and Air Quality Improvement: These collectors are deployed to control airborne dust and contaminants, maintaining a healthier and safer working environment for employees. They also prevent dust from escaping into the atmosphere, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.


Process Optimization: By removing dust and contaminants from the air, these collectors contribute to improved equipment performance and product quality by reducing potential contamination and machinery wear caused by airborne particles.


Dust Collector Benefits:

Improved Air Quality: cleantek Dust Collectors play a critical role in enhancing indoor air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and creating a safer workplace for employees.They aid in compliance with environmental regulations by effectively capturing and containing dust and airborne particles, preventing their release into the atmosphere. By maintaining clean air and minimizing equipment contamination, these collectors contribute to better production efficiency and reduced downtime.


Cleantek Dust Collectors are advanced systems crucial for maintaining clean air quality in industrial settings. Their use in capturing and removing dust and airborne contaminants helps safeguard worker health, ensures environmental compliance, and supports efficient and productive manufacturing processes across various industries.






Dust Collector Technical Specifications:-



Salient Features:-

► Spark Arrester

► Wet scrubber

► Strong suction power

► Compact size

► Noiseless operation

► Cyclone separator

► Stainless steel version in 316 & 304 Grade (Custom Made)

► Available in Different airflow Power and collection Capacities

► Wide Application range

► High Efficiency

► Simple Installation / Less maintenance





► Rubber Grinding Machines Dust Collection system

► Surface Grinding Machines Dust Collection system

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► Wood Cutting Machinery Dust Collector

► CNC Cutting Machines Dust Collector

► Drilling Machines Dust Collection

► CNC Router Dust Collection

Tool & cutter Dust Collector Manufacturers

► Sand Blasting Machines Dust Collection

► Sharpening Machines Dust Collection

► Honing Machines Dust Collection

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