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Dust Collector:

Dust control is must for all kind of processing industry to safeguard the working labours and  machineries from hazardous fine dust.  CLEANTEK manufacture unit dust extractors, unit dust collectors from high quality raw materials, this range includes our efficient unit Dust Collectors with cyclone separators. Dust Collection Systems are widely used to increase Productivity and provide a Cleaner Work Environment in manufacturing industry. For that application we design and develop dust Source capture system in different industries for many applications. Some special features of our Industrial Dust Collector like strong suction power, compact size and running in very low noise level. We offer custom made Wet Dust Collector units for OEM clients in stainless steel version.

Our Dust Collectors are widely in demand due to their excellent features and design. These equipment are very capable in collecting all the dust easily and requires no maintenance for years. We stand in the midst of blooming Dry Dust Collector manufacturers and suppliers in India.



 Dust Collectors:-

Dust Collectors Manufactured by us are fabricated from premium quality raw material and are used for increasing the productivity. Our range is equipped with HEPA and allied multi level filtration’s and has a diverse application area. We also offer an assortment of dust collectors along with reverse pulse cleaning systems that are extensively applicable for constant collection and elimination of airborne dust and it permits the processing operation without shutdown. Apart from this our gamut is suitable for rubber grinding machines, surface grinding machines, drilling machines, CNC routers, polishing machines, OEM pharma and food machineries and wood cutting machineries.

We are also offer accessories such as Duct Hoods, Spark Arrestor & cyclone Separator and also Packaging Paper Trim Collection and Waste Paper Suction Units.

Technical Specifications:-



Salient Features:-

► Spark Arrester

► Wet scrubber

► Strong suction power

► Compact size

► Noiseless operation

► Cyclone separator

► Stainless steel version in 316 & 304 Grade (Custom Made)

► Available in Different airflow Power and collection Capacities

► Wide Application range

► High Efficiency

► Simple Installation / Less maintenance





► Rubber Grinding Machines Dust Collection system

► Surface Grinding Machines Dust Collection system

► Air Blowers Manufacturers in Chennai and Bangalore

► Wood Cutting Machinery Dust Collector

► CNC Cutting Machines Dust Collector

► Drilling Machines Dust Collection

► CNC Router Dust Collection

Tool & cutter Dust Collector Manufacturers

► Sand Blasting Machines Dust Collection

► Sharpening Machines Dust Collection

► Honing Machines Dust Collection

- See more at: https://www.cleanvacindia.com/products/dust-collector/#sthash.P8vVOHd1.dpuf



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