Downdraft Table for Grinding


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CLEANTEK Manufacturing Down Draft Table Dust Collector for Big Size Products Grinding and Buffing applications.

The down draft table is a self contained unit featuring High efficiency cartridge filters which are capable of filtering particle upto 3 microns and its filtering efficiency is rated at 99.9 %. Deposited dust Cleaning of the cartridges is done by a Automatic pulse jet of compressed air, via a pneumatic timer switch. The dust / Fume / Spark and harmful dust are immediately captured at the filter and pure air returned to the atmosphere.


  • Welding table Dust & Fume Extraction
  • Grinding & Buffing Applications
  • Plasma / laser Cutting Applications
  • Thermal Spray Applications
  • Odor & Smell Fume Extraction
  • All kind of grinding dust extraction


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