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Coolant Filtration:


Cleantek, based in Coimbatore- India, specializes in producing high-quality coolant band filters. These innovative filters are designed to effectively and efficiently remove contaminants from coolants used in various industrial processes.


The coolant band filters by cleantek offer a reliable solution for maintaining the cleanliness and quality of coolants. We work by utilizing specialized filtration technology, typically using bands or belts to capture and remove particles, sludge, and impurities from the coolant fluid.


Our cleantek coolant band filters are widely utilized across industries such as machining, metalworking, and manufacturing, where the purity of coolants is essential for the performance and longevity of machinery and processes. By efficiently removing contaminants, cleantek coolant band filters help in preserving the integrity of the coolant, which in turn enhances the overall efficiency of industrial operations.


A coolant band filter represents the pinnacle of precision filtration technology for industrial coolant systems. Crafted with meticulous engineering, these filters are designed to meticulously cleanse coolants used in various industrial processes. Utilizing advanced band or belt filtration mechanisms, these filters efficiently capture and remove impurities, sludge, and particulate matter from coolant fluids.


Their application spans across industries such as metalworking, machining, and manufacturing, where maintaining the purity of coolants is paramount for machinery performance and longevity. By effectively sieving out contaminants, coolant band filters elevate the integrity and efficiency of coolant systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimal equipment functionality.

The emphasis on quality, precision, and technological innovation sets cleantek apart in the realm of coolant filtration solutions. Our band filters stand as a testament to their commitment to providing effective and reliable solutions for maintaining clean and efficient coolant systems in industrial settings.


Cleantek machine tool coolant filtration system is an important investment for any metalworking operation. Coolant can become contaminated with chips, dirt, and other debris during machining. Contaminated coolant can lead to poor surface finish, tool wear, and even damage to the machine. Our coolant Filtration equipment helps to protect the machine tool, improve the quality of finished products, and promote more efficient and sustainable operations.


Cleantek magnetic separator or magnetic filtration system, is a device that uses a magnetic field to remove small ferrous particles and debris from coolant fluids used in industrial processes such as machining, grinding, and milling.


The use of a coolant magnetic filter can help to prolong the life of machine tools and components by reducing wear caused by abrasive particles. It can also improve the quality of the finished products by ensuring that the coolant is free of contaminants that could cause defects or damage to the workpiece.


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