Coolant Band Filter


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Coolant Filtration:

Cleantek machine tool coolant filtration system is an important investment for any metalworking operation. Coolant can become contaminated with chips, dirt, and other debris during machining. Contaminated coolant can lead to poor surface finish, tool wear, and even damage to the machine. Our coolant Filtration equipment helps to protect the machine tool, improve the quality of finished products, and promote more efficient and sustainable operations.

Cleantek magnetic separator or magnetic filtration system, is a device that uses a magnetic field to remove small ferrous particles and debris from coolant fluids used in industrial processes such as machining, grinding, and milling.

The use of a coolant magnetic filter can help to prolong the life of machine tools and components by reducing wear caused by abrasive particles. It can also improve the quality of the finished products by ensuring that the coolant is free of contaminants that could cause defects or damage to the workpiece.


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