Wood Dust Collector manufacturers:

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

 Wood Dust Collector manufacturers:

We are the best quality wood dust collector manufcatures in Coimbatore, India.  Wood dust exposure can lead to respiratory problems like asthma, lung cancer, and even allergic reactions. For furniture makers, it also creates a messy and inefficient work environment, clogging machinery and reducing visibility.


Dust collectors solve these issues by capturing and removing dust particles at their source, ensuring a safer and more productive space.In Wood Industries lot of dust is generated during the process of wood cutting, carving etc...  Cleantek Manufacturing wood dust collector for Various kind of applications in wood working process.


Woodworking dust collectors are not just safety equipment; they're investments in the long-term health, productivity, and environmental sustainability of furniture manufacturing. By choosing the right system and maintaining it properly, furniture makers can breathe easy, knowing they're protecting their workers, their equipment, and the environment around them.




Cleantek offers a diverse range of wood dust collectors, catering to various workshop sizes and needs.


Multi-stage filtration: From cyclones that capture larger particles to HEPA filters that trap even the finest dust, Cleantek systems ensure exceptional air purification.


Compact and robust: Their dust collectors are designed to be space-saving, while still boasting heavy-duty construction for long-lasting performance.


Customizable solutions: Whether you need a single-machine setup or a centralized system for multiple workstations, Cleantek offers tailor-made solutions to fit your workshop layout.


Easy maintenance: Simple filter access and cleaning mechanisms make upkeep a breeze, minimizing downtime and keeping your operation running smoothly.


Cleantek manufacturing various kind of models in wood dust collection applications.

Single-bag dust collectors:


Ideal for smaller workshops or individual machines, these compact units offer efficient dust capture at an affordable price.

Double-bag dust collectors:


Providing extra filtration capacity and longer filter life, these are perfect for medium-sized workshops or applications with continuous dust generation.



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