Why do Sawmills Need a Wood Dust Collector?

Monday, December 14, 2015

In wood based industry, the removal of wood waste usually referred as sawdust, is a significant activity. In general, two types of wastes are produced in saw mills and they are sawdust and waste slabs. The forms and sizes of these waste materials call for two different systems of removal, one for the sawdust and another for the waste slabs. Both these systems must function efficiently so as to ensure a smooth production flow. In sawmill the waste slabs are loaded with specially constructed bin or rack and removed by forklift to the waste collection place or incinerator.


As the sawdust collected at the band saw place often leads to health hazardous working environment, it is essential to remove it immediately by vacuuming and wet mopping. Even though good housekeeping practices help to lower the risk of Wood Dust inhalation valuable production time is wasted in clearing the sawdust, besides it also causes internal and external health problems such as dermatitis to the worker. This activity to an assured level affects the productivity and profitability of the mill operation. To get rid of the saw dust which is an inevitable by product in the wood industry, we need to install a Wood Dust Collector machine which will greatly reduce airborne dust levels and provide a clean working environment that will protect worker health.

wood dust collector

In modern wood processing industry cutting machines and grinding machines are running in very high speed and they deliver lot of dust. Exposure to this Wood Dust will cause allergic and non-allergic respiratory effects, mucosal, skin rashes, nose, eye, throat irritation, and cancer. By possessing an industrial Wood Dust Collector, we can extract the complete saw dust from the cutting source itself.

The basic function of a Wood Dust Extraction system is to collect the wet sawdust as and when produced by the band saws and to convey this to a collection point. This Wood Dust Collector is useful to collect the Sawdust, wood Chips and wood Shaving Materials etc…Wood Dust Collector machine is used in all Industries that have a high risk of wood-dust exposure.

Sawmills, dimension mills, furniture industries, mount Wood Dust Collector to eliminate the wood dust quickly and efficiently. This cleaning equipment removes all macro and micro sized particles from the work area. In market place variety of wood dust collectors are available. To keep the working area clear, Cleantek offers Wood Dust Collector and variety of cleaning equipments to choose from, depending on your particular application.

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