What is the purpose of magnetic separator?

Thursday, January 4, 2024

What is the purpose of magnetic separator?


Cleantek coolant magnetic separator is a device used to remove ferrous ,iron-based contaminants from fluids like cutting oils, grinding fluids, and honing fluids used in various industrial processes. These machines play a crucial role in extending coolant life, protecting machines, and improving product quality.

Coolant magnetic separators
Coolant magnetic separators


Benefits of using a coolant magnetic separator:


  • Extends coolant life: Removing ferrous particles prevents them from wearing down tools and machinery, allowing the coolant to last longer before needing replacement.
  • Improves machining surface finish: Clean coolant prevents scratches and imperfections on machined surfaces, leading to higher quality products.
  • Protects machinery: By removing metallic debris, the separator reduces the risk of clogging, pump damage, and overheating in machine tools.
  • Reduces maintenance costs: By prolonging coolant life and minimizing machine wear, the separator helps to reduce overall maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: Recycling recovered metal particles and extending coolant life contribute to a more sustainable production process.


Cleantek manufacturing Coolant magnetic separators in various sizes and capacities to suit different flow rates and machine tool applications. Please contact us for more information about our coolant magnetic separators.

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