Welding Fume Extractor

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Welding Fume Extractor


A welding fume extractor is a device designed to remove harmful fumes, gases, and particulates generated during welding processes. When metals are welded, heated, and fused together, they produce fumes that contain various hazardous substances, including metal oxides, gases, and other potentially toxic elements.

The extractor works by suck the contaminated air and passing it through filters or other purification systems to capture and remove the fumes and particles. It helps in maintaining a cleaner and safer work environment by reducing the risk of inhaling hazardous fumes, thus protecting the health of welders and other personnel in the vicinity.


The use of a welding fume extractor is crucial in various industries where welding is a common practice, such as manufacturing, construction, automotive, and metalworking. It aids in compliance with occupational health and safety regulations by minimizing exposure to harmful welding fumes, promoting better air quality, and safeguarding the well-being of workers.

Cleantek design manufacturing portable Welding Fume Extractor machines in various airflow capacity. Cleantek machine Filter and purify the hazardous welding fume up-to 99 % and circulate the pure air into the factory atmosphere. We are supplying 3D articulated suctionswing arm 3.5 meter to 5 length for easy capture for fumes. Also cleantek design and supply custom made welding fume extraction system. Some of our models as following.


  • Portable welding fume extractor
  • Stationary welding fume extractor
  • Centralized welding fume extractor
  • Welding Fume Exhaust system


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