Vacuum cleaner manufacturers

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Vacuum cleaner manufacturers:

We are the high quality vacuum cleaner manufacturers in Coimbatore, India and supplying vacuum cleaner across India and abroad.  Cleantek manufacturing compact vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, Industrial vacuum cleaners, Heavy duty vacuum cleaner etc..

Vacuum cleaner
vacuum cleaner

what is vacuum cleaner ? 


Vacuum cleaner is a machine to clean the floor, wall and machines.

How vacuum cleaner work ?


It is Electrically operated machine and create vacuum pressure by a vacuum motor inside the airtight tank. A filter bag helps to separate the dust and air. Some kind of vacuum cleaner have 2 to 3 filters fitted inside the vacuum cleaner tank. A long length hose is connected to the tank and another side various cleaning tools to be connected.


wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Normally everybody using broom to clean the floors but lot of micro dust is not cleaned and still it is in the floor further some quantity of dust spread and deposit on the other area. Also fine dust is inhaled by the cleaning user or worker in and around the area. Dust allergy affects most of the peoples and produce lot of diseases in their lungs and body. Various kind of filter bags are used  in vacuum cleaner to trap the dust. Vacuum cleaner purify the air threw the micro filter bag. So use vacuum cleaner to clean hygienically by your home and industry to save valuable human life.

Cleantek Vacuum cleaners are safe and easy to use and have higher efficiency than any other kind of manual tool cleaning like brooming etc. We supply powerful vacuum motor attached machine with useful cleaning attachments for easy and efficient cleaning. Our cleantek vacuum cleaners are used for multipurpose cleaning use like Home carpet cleaning, Water tank cleaning, Sofa and chairs cleaning, Car Interior cleaning, industrial floor cleaning etc... Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner is efficiently suck the both wet and dry dust from floor surface. Multi stage filtration like HEPA filter , ULPA filter etc.. optional accessories available as per clients requirements. 

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