Sugarcane bud Treatment device

Friday, May 3, 2019

 Sugarcane Sett Treatment Device:

Cleantek Manufacturing modernized sugarcane bud Treatment Device under Technology supported BY SBI-ICAR, Coimbatore.

Sett or bud  treatment is important role for disease free sugarcane cultivation and healthy nursery programme.The device works in the principle of negative vacuum pressure and delivers various agro-inputs rapidly inside the sugarcane setts.

Features of Machine:

·         Simple in construction and easy to use.

·         Treat 8000 buds per Hour

·         Treating single bud setts with different agro inputs Fungicides, insecticide & Nutrients increases germination & high quality settlings.

·         Treating Setts with fungicides controls redroot, Smut and wilf diseases.

·         Device Certified By SBI- ICAR, Coimbatore

·         More than 50 machines successful in various sugar factories and Farmers.

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  • Sugarcane bud Treatment device is integrated with 1 Hp Electric motor direct drive with vacuum unit. Connect into to a 230 V / 50 Hz power supply.
  • Container Tank is made up of SS304 Grade and fabricated to withstand the high vacuum pressure.
  • 4000 - 8000 butt can Treat per Hour
  • Proved Under Field Conditions for RED ROT and SMUT Management






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