Sugarcane seed treatment device manufacturers

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Sugarcane seed Treatment Device Manufacturers:


The Cleantek sugarcane seed treatment device is a modernized equipment used for treating sugarcane setts (stem cuttings) with various agro-inputs like fungicides, insecticides, and nutrients. It's designed to improve seed germination, promote healthy plant growth, and ultimately increase crop yields.


How it works ?


Vacuum chamber: The device consists of a main chamber where the sugarcane setts are placed. This chamber creates a high-pressure environment using a vacuum pump.

Air removal: The vacuum draws out air from the setts, creating tiny air pockets within their tissues.

sugarcane seed treatment device
Sugarcane seed treatment device

Agro-input application: Once the air is removed, the chamber is flooded with a solution containing the desired agro-inputs. These inputs penetrate the air pockets created by the vacuum, ensuring deeper and more uniform absorption compared to traditional soaking methods.

Pressure release: After a specific treatment time, the pressure in the chamber is gradually released, allowing the setts to reabsorb air and the solution containing the agro-inputs.


Benefits of using the Cleantek sugarcane seed treatment device:


Improved seed germination: The vacuum process facilitates better penetration of agro-inputs, leading to higher germination rates and more vigorous seedlings.

Enhanced disease and pest resistance: Fungicides and insecticides applied through the device reach deeper into the setts, providing better protection against diseases and pests.

Increased nutrient uptake: The vacuum treatment creates tiny channels within the setts, improving the absorption of essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.

Faster processing: The device can treat a large volume of setts (up to 4000 to 6000 pieces) in a relatively short time (around 30 minutes), making it efficient for large-scale farming operations.

sugarcane seed treatment device

Reduced agro-input usage: Compared to traditional soaking methods, the vacuum treatment requires less quantity of agro-inputs due to their deeper penetration and uniform distribution.

Cleantek sugarcane seed treatment device is a valuable tool for farmers seeking to improve their sugarcane crop yields and profitability. It offers a safe, efficient, and effective way to treat setts with essential agro-inputs, leading to healthier plants and potentially higher returns.


Cleantek Manufacturing modernized sugarcane bud Treatment Device under Technology supported BY Sugarcane breeding Institute-ICAR, Coimbatore.


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