Some Useful Tips for Clean & Tidy Workplace

Monday, December 14, 2015

Floor cleaningMost of us are spending almost half of our life in workplace and hence it is obviously essential to maintain a clean and tidy work environment. Industrial cleanliness is mostly directed for employee safety and production efficiency. Industry environment comprises of heavy loads, risky machinery and the floorings almost seem to be covered with manufacturing dusts, oil and sand, inhaling this polluted air can cause affect employee well- being.

Here are some useful tips to assist you clean & tidy industrial workplace:

1. If you prefer to use cleaning equipments such as Industrial vacuum cleaners, Regenerative Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers, Material conveying system, Hopper Loaders, Down Draft Table, Air Knife they will remove the dust totally and help you obtain a clean working environment by all means. If you start installing these modern equipments it will not only offer a professional appearance to the workplace but also promotes employee physical health.

2. Everyone prefers working in a safe, clean and well organized workplace. If an industrial place is unclean, then the dirt, ugly water and dust will directly affect ecology. There is a popular saying “Cleaning equals checking”. This means that whenever you are cleaning your machine, or putting things back where they belong, you should take an extra moment and check if everything is right. In fact, there is a set of maintenance tasks referred to you like Cleaning, Lubricating, Adjusting, Inspecting, and Repairing. With the right training, anyone operating a machine can learn to do these jobs. Therefore try to learn more about your machine, look after it as if you owned it, and pretty soon, your industry (or office) will be successively more clean & tidy workplace.

3. If you want to work in a clean and pollution free environment that you have ever dreamt of, just throw out all the things that you really don’t need or use and keep your workplace always clean and tidy by having only the things that are essential and useful to perform your job. If you don?t need it or don?t find anyone using it right in your area for weeks together put it back in stores.

4. Teamwork is important because teams get more done, since there is more encouragement and enthusiasm the cleaning standards in a team are drastically high. The important thing is that there is one way the team way, doing things like cleaning and checking, and keeping things ship-shape will double the production rate.


5. When you enter at your work area each day, look for ways to improve it. First arrange the items in correct place, push up the chairs, and pick up all the pieces of paper before leaving each day, use the last five minutes to make your area look smart.

Due to improved living standards the demand for environmental hygiene and cleanliness has raised. Everyone accept Cleanliness is one of the most imperative elements essential to maintain a healthy and safer work environment. Do you need a fresh new look for your industry, specifically for the removal of fine dust and powders without bottleneck, Cleantek’s comprehensive range of cleaning products are best-known for its performance. Cleantek’s hi-tech industrial equipment Dust Collector is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The Industrial Dust Collector machine is eco friendly and is particularly designed to collect micro dust particles from the industry.

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