Soldering Fume Extractor

Monday, December 14, 2015

Soldering Fume Extractor:


Soldering Fume Extraction System is designed and installed for centralized multi point extraction system in soldering stations, it is considered as one of the premium equipment available in the market to remove hazardous solder fumes form the work area. This system contains a fan, electrostatic filter, power pack control panel, higher static remote mechanism, pre-filter, HEPA filter and chemical media, Multi-Flex Arm, fume hood, solder fume extractors, heavens purifiers and exhaust hoods. These exhausts are considered potentially harmful and may create health problems including headaches, skin allergies and eye irritation.



Soldering Fume Extractor Key Features:

  • Extremely well-organized fan
  • Entirely adaptable stand
  • ESD safe constructions for working with sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Protects the industrial health and safety of operators and low management costs
  • Bendable to more or less any working point of view.
  • Rapid filter replacement and interior security grills
  • Soldering system is secure, portable & noiseless
  • Consuming power 100 ? 240 VAC
  • Increased productivity safe and environmental friendly.


Soldering Fume Extractor Technical Specifications:


Those who wish to buy the Soldering Fume Extractor must see to the parameters, such as filter, air capacity, power necessities, warranty round nozzle kit and much more technical specifications mentioned below.


  • Parameters : SFE100 power (HP) 1, SFE200 power (HP) 2, SFE300 power (HP) 3, SFE500 power (HP) 5
  • Filter : HEPA Filtration – Up to 99.97% @ .3 microns Motor
  • Air capacity : 80 CFM and max air volume 95/115 CFM
  • Power necessities : 230 VAC  5 0Hz, 23W
  • Warranty : Restricted two-year warranty from date and also it depends upon on the model and cost.
  • Round Nozzle Kit – includes 3′ – 2.5″




Soldering Fume Extarctor Applications:

Some of the Industrial applications of Soldering Fume Extraction system include fume extraction in soldering machines and also other work places such as electronic industry. Various other application include the following


  • Industrial laser graving applications – it is used to remove dangerous fumes and dust produced when the process undertakes.
  • Laser Coding and marking- it is used to guard employees from harmful fumes and also retain a regular extraction rate.
  • Wide Format Printing / Print Finishing – captures the fumes from the printer enclosed space at numerous key points.
  • Tip extraction, centralized extraction, and arm extraction are used in solder applications.
Soldering Fume Extractor Benefits:


  • Most of the industries put down some kind of wastes like liquid waste, fumes, dust. All kind of waste material is quickly and accurately removed by the fume extraction machine. So it is helpful to safe guard employee’s health.


  • Cleantek Fume Extractor system is used purposefully by organizations to protect their workers from destructive dust or gas.


  • Cleantek Soldering Fume Extractor is used to remove the fumes & dust that cause asthma in a clear and good manner.


  • Possessing a Soldering Fume Extractors can enrich personnel health in organizations and benefit industrialist from expensive payment claims from employees and penalty levied by enforcement agencies.


  • In general as chemicals from industrial sources are hazardous and are airborne in nature industrialist need to think of buying a Soldering Fume Extractors that extract the dangerous fumes that might be easily inhaled by technicians and customers. Use of some sort of extraction system to remove from the air is extremely important for the wellbeing of individuals and society. With these measures we can keep workplace clean and well organized.


  • Cleantek offers Soldering Fume Extraction System to clean the hazardous soldering fumes for PCB soldering station. This useful article summarizes the key features, technical specifications, industrial applications and benefits of Soldering Fume Extractor in such a way to help customers who are ready to buy Soldering Fume Extraction Systems for their use.

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