Laser Fume Extractor Manufacturers

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Laser Fume Extractor Manufacturers in India :

We are the Fume Extractor and Dust Filtration Equipment for  Laser processing applications. During laser process very fine dust and Fumes produced . This hazardous dust ,fume spread on the work floor and possible ways are there during inhaling deposit in human beings lungs. Need to filter this dust, fume during laser process.


Portable extractors: Compact and maneuverable, ideal for small workshops or occasional use.

Benchtop extractors: Designed for smaller laser machines, often integrated into the workstation.

Centralized extraction systems: Powerful systems for large-scale operations, extracting dust from multiple machines through a network of ducts.


How do laser dust extractors work?


Source capture: A flexible extraction arm or hood is positioned close to the laser cutting/engraving area, directly capturing dust and fumes at their point of origin. This prevents them from spreading into the air.

Filtration: The captured dust and fumes are then passed through a multi-stage filtration system. This typically involves pre-filters, HEPA filters, and sometimes even activated carbon filters, depending on the specific contaminants. These filters effectively trap even the tiniest particles, ensuring clean air is discharged back into the environment.



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