How to Handle Scrubber Driers?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

How to handle scrubber drier ?


Cleantek Scrubber Drier machines are strong, simple to use and compact, medium and large Scrubber Driers are available in various models. The product design may look simple but making the construction of the machine is tough and is highly durable. Many different models of varying size and brush type’s are available in the market, this machine will especially give complete solution to any hard floor cleaning task.


Some important tips for how to use Scrubber Drier:


Before you set to work with your new Scrubber Drier, you have to read the instructions manual thoroughly because this will prevent you from making mistakes. When working in floor, Scrubber Drier machine will scrub the floor and wet vacuum the soiled water into the recovery tank.


For heavy soiled floors you have to use the first pass of the Scrubber Drier machine without using the vacuum facility, this leaves the product in contact with the dirt longer and aids removal. And then the second pass of the machine will scrub the floor and recover soiling as normal. For Stubborn stains such as liquids spill or score marks from furniture you have to use warm water and rub the dirt besides do repeat this process at least twice.

The plate brush is designed specifically for hard floors and it will clean the floor perfectly. Apart from using brushes you can also use pads with drive plates. Depending on the floor type (polished, rough), you should change the pad during this cleaning operation.

The operating handle bar is available; with this you can adjust the handle as per your need, in terms of height and angle. In case If you have to move your Scrubber Drier machine often then select low weight and folding handle bar, it will help to move easily and also help you to do the cleaning operation in easy way

Each and every part of the machine is replaceable & you can change all the parts easily. Parts like handle, electric brushes and much more are available in the marketplace. After completion of the cleaning process you have to remove all the parts from the machine and keep empty for few minutes to remove all moisture from the tank, hoses, handle bar, brushes and attachments.

Cleantek offers Scrubber Drier for industrial and commercial cleaning applications. we provide the superior quality Scrubber Drier as per their norms and conditions. Well-organized and economy models are available for car garages, Shopping malls, Gym, Apartments, etc.

Cleantek floor cleaning scrubber driers are indispensable tools for efficient and thorough floor maintenance in various settings. 

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