How Mist Collectors Work

Monday, December 14, 2015

CLEANTEK Oil Mist collector completely sucks the mist and smoke within the machine and it will be filtered via various filtration methods. Filter is intended to show a discrepancy and clean rapidly. The mist collectors are used everywhere, in different industries for number of applications and it is produced by our technical engineers who ensure excellent quality and attributes. Cleantek Oil Mist Collector is available in various capacities and designs for easy execution where oil mist is problem. A dust and mist collection system maintains cleanliness and hygiene, plays a major role in keeping the surroundings safe.

Different types of CNC oil mist collectors are available. Each and every one is differing from each other in so many ways. Every mist collectors have individual techniques like oil mist collectors, mist collectors fire protection, mist buster, mist collector centrifugal type and much more. Even though the equipment differs from each other in techniques the machines are ultimately doing the same process of collecting dirty particles.

The cutting, sawing, sharpening and grinding of metals in combination with the operation of those cutting fluids produces a mist that is detached into the air. In a much closed surroundings like a factory or a machine look, mist will hang around within the atmosphere and create a significant health risk to staff.

Our clients are benefited by possessing mist collector which is manufactured using highly developed technology machines to collect huge quantity of mist. These mist collectors absolutely suck the mist and smoke within the machine that is more filtered through totally different filtration process.



Our assortment provides a clean operating setting and improves the spirits of the people. The mist collectors are useful for all the businesses and nowadays people make the best use of it as it is reduces man power and cost.

The mist collectors are widely used in industries to remove the oil mist and fumes in short period. Each and every year advanced technology is developing and business people adopt to those changes and carry out all their needs and thereby develop their business in excellent way.

It is helpful for the business peoples to safe guard employee?s health, Avoids Skin problems, Respiratory problems, etc… The entire skin problem allergies come due to excess of oily dust , mist and fumes. Using this Mist collectors mist and smoke within the machine can be filtered and workplace cleanliness and hygiene can be maintained.

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