Dust Collector

Monday, April 29, 2019

 Dust Collector:

Cleantek Manufacturing compact and large size dust collectors suitable rubber, grinding dust collection Applications. Cleantek Compact dust collectors are essential devices used to maintain clean and safe working environments in various industries. These units are designed to remove dust, debris, and particulate matter from the air, preventing respiratory issues and keeping machinery and workspaces free from dust deposit in workplace.



 Cleantek dust collectors come in various shapes and sizes, often tailored to specific industries or workspace constraints. They utilize different mechanisms to capture dust particles.


Cyclone Separation: This method involves creating a cyclonic airflow that forces particles to separate from the air and collect at the bottom of the unit. The purified air is then released back into the environment.


Bag Filtration: Dust collectors using this method use fabric bags to filter and capture dust particles as the air passes through them. The bags can be easily removed and cleaned or replaced when necessary.


Cartridge Filtration: Cartridge-style dust collectors use pleated filter cartridges to capture dust. They offer high filtration efficiency and are suitable for smaller spaces due to their compact design.


Cleantek Compact dust collectors are commonly used in woodworking shops, metalworking facilities, pharmaceutical labs, and various manufacturing environments where dust and debris are byproducts of the production process. Cleantek dust collectors not only ensure the health and safety of workers by reducing airborne particles but also help maintain the efficiency and longevity of machinery by preventing dust from accumulating on sensitive components.


Cleantek manufcaturing dust extraction arms provide an effective source capture of dust, fume, Mist Fume or smoke produced in industrial processes.We are making telescopic type suction arm for extraction of exhaust fume gas from cars,Automobile trucks and motorcycles.



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