Coolant sump cleaner manufacturers

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Coolant sump cleaner manufacturers:


Coolant sump cleaner
Coolant sump cleaner

Cleantek design and manufacturing portable coolant sump cleaner manufacturers in Coimbatore, India and supplying across India. Cleantek oil sump cleaner and metal chips recovery system for engineering industries used in CNC machining shops. Cleantek sump cleaners are heavy duty and versatile industrial tools designed to efficiently extract fluids and aid in maintaining clean and functional machine oil sumps in CNC machine manufacturing environments. It play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency, prolonging the life of metalworking fluids, and capture chips  other debris floating in the coolant. Coolant important in ensuring precision, efficiency, and quality. It's much more than just a lubricant and it's a multi-tasker that keeps your machines running smoothly and your projects looking sharp.


Importance of Coolant in CNC machining:


Coolant is a special fluid used in metalworking processes, particularly CNC machining. It serves several important functions:

  • Cooling: As the cutting tool bites into the workpiece, friction generates heat. Coolant carries away this heat, preventing thermal expansion of both the tool and workpiece, which could lead to distortion and inaccuracies.
  • Lubrication: Coolant reduces friction between the tool and workpiece, minimizing wear and tear on both. This allows for higher cutting speeds and improved tool life.
  • Chip removal: During machining, tiny metal chips (swarf) are produced. Coolant helps flush these chips away from the cutting zone, preventing them from re-entering the machining process and affecting surface finish.
  • Corrosion protection: Certain coolants contain additives that protect both the workpiece and machine components from corrosion caused by moisture and metal particles.
  • Maintains coolant quality: By removing contaminants, the system prevents bacteria growth, foul odors, and corrosion, preserving the coolant's life and effectiveness.
  • Extends tool life: Cleaner coolant reduces abrasive wear on cutting tools, leading to longer lifespans and fewer tool changes.
  • Improves part quality: Cleaner coolant results in smoother finishes and high perfections on your machined parts.


Types of coolant:

  • Water-based coolants: These are the most common and economical option, often consisting of water mixed with emulsifying oils or synthetic chemicals. They offer good cooling and lubrication but require regular monitoring and maintenance to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Neat (oil-based) coolants: These are oil-based fluids that offer superior lubrication and rust protection but are less effective at cooling and more expensive. They also create a fire hazard and require special disposal methods.


Benefits of Using Coolant Sump Cleaners:


  • Increased machining efficiency: Cleaner coolant allows tools to perform optimally, reducing cycle times and boosting overall production capacity.
  • Reduced downtime: Minimize machine breakdowns and costly maintenance repairs.
  • Lower coolant costs: The extended lifespan of coolant thanks to its clean state translates to significant cost savings.
  • Improved operator health: Cleaner air in the workshop due to reduced coolant mist and bacteria growth creates a healthier working environment for operators.
  • Environmental awareness: Cleaner coolant can be recycled or disposed of more responsibly, minimizing environmental impact.

Cleantek coolant sump cleaner assures smoother production, better part quality, and a safer, more sustainable environment for your team.

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