Paper Trim Suction System


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Paper Trim Suction System:

CLEANTEK design and manufacturing Industrial  dust Extraction / Suction  equipments since 2006. We are the leading manufcaturers of cleaning and pollution control equipments. CLEANTEK manufacturing trim suction system for paper and printing industry. Our high pressure blower develop continous suction on suction nozzle to suck the continous trim from machinery.


Cleantek Trim Handling Systems are specifically designed for efficiently extracting trims and waste materials in various industrial processes, particularly in the printing, packaging, paper, and converting industries. These systems are engineered to handle the removal of excess material generated during production, such as paper trims, film edges, and other waste materials, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient manufacturing environment.


Cleantek Trim Handling Systems primarily employ air-based solutions for trim extraction. They use high-speed airflows to capture and transport trims from the production line to a centralized collection point or waste disposal system.These systems often feature a modular design, allowing for customization and adaptation to different production setups and varying trim sizes.




The systems consist of ducting networks strategically placed around production machinery to efficiently capture trims at the source. These trims are then transported through the ducting to a central collection point or disposal system. High efficiency separators or cyclones to separate trims from the conveyed air before directing them into collection containers or balers for easy disposal or recycling. Cleantek Trim Handling Systems can be integrated into the production line and often feature automation capabilities, allowing for seamless operation and minimal manual intervention.


Trim Extraction:


The systems are employed to capture trims generated during various manufacturing processes, such as printing, packaging, and converting. Trims are captured at their source and conveyed through the ducting to a central collection point. Once the trims are collected, they can be directed to waste collection containers or balers for disposal or recycling, contributing to a cleaner and more organized production environment removing trims and waste materials efficiently, these systems help in maintaining continuous production flow, reducing downtime caused by trim buildup and blockages in machinery.


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