We are a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of a proven range of technologically advanced Cleaning Products. Our range includes  Vacuum Cleaner,Vacuum Cleaners,Dust Collection System, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, welding fume extractors, Soldering fume Extractors, CNC oil mist extractors, mist purifiers, portable dust collectors, wood dust collector,ring blowers, side channel blowers, regenerative blowers, centrifugal blowers, paint booths, pneumatic conveying systems, Flux recovery...


  CLEANTEK  is a renowned manufacturer supplying customized industrial Cleaning Equipment’s for various industries like Automobile, Textile, Food & Pharma, Engineering and Rubber industries. Cleantek manufacturing Industrial vacuum cleaner,dust collector, welding fume extractor,...read more


Events & Updates

  • ACMEE 2016, 12th International Machine Tools Exhibition, the biggest exhibition on machine tools in Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai,...
  •   The Southern India Mills Association (SIMA), the single largest employer’s organization for the organized textile...


Cleaning Equipments

Manufacturers of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners,Dust Collectors,Fume Extractors,Mist Collectors,Ring Blowers,Cleaning Equipments and pollution control equipments
Our Products

Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

We offer our customers a highly functional assortment of Industrial...


Mist collector

Our efficient Mist Collectors are widely used in different industries...


Ring blower

CLEANTEK manufacturing  high vacuum ring blower / Regenerative...


Industrial vacuum cleaners

CLEANTEK design and manufacturing large range of high performance...


Tabletop fume Extractor

All kind of brazing and soldering processes such as hand soldering...


Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cleantek is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified company and 20 years experienced...


Wood Dust collector

 CLEANTEK Wood dust collector is an safety environment tool for...


Battery operated Vacuum Cleaner

We have developed special purpose cordless  battery operated...

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